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IR Schedule

Every yearMid-FebruaryAnnouncement of 3rd Quarter Financial Results
Mid-MayAnnouncement of Financial Results
Mid-JuneGeneral Shareholders Meeting
Mid-AugustAnnouncement of 1st Quarter Financial Results
Mid-NovemberAnnouncement of Midterm Financial Results

Shareholder Incentives

(1) Target shareholders
For shareholders who hold at least 100 shares (1 unit) of the Company recorded in the register of shareholders as of March 31 every year
(2) Contents of incentives
Number of shares heldContents of incentives
100 shares or more QUO Card Present for 2,000 yen
(3) Time of presentation
Shipped in mid-June after the end of the General Shareholders Meeting

Securities Reports, etc.

Based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the securities report and quarterly report can be found on the Electronic Disclosure System (EDINET)

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