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Basic Policy for Antisocial Forces

The Company has established a basic policy here to prevent relations with antisocial forces and prevent damage caused by them.

  1. We will have no relations with antisocial forces, and we will not do business with them.
  2. If it is determined that we have dealings with antisocial forces, we will take prompt measures to cancel the transactions.
  3. We will not provide funds to antisocial forces.
  4. We will not respond to any unreasonable demands from antisocial forces. In cases where unfair demands made by antisocial forces are acknowledged, we will take the necessary civil or criminal legal countermeasures.
  5. In order to prevent damage from antisocial forces, we will systematically and appropriately work in cooperation with the poliice and other external professional organizations.
  6. We will ensure the safety of executives and employees from antisocial forces.
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