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The Sekisan PC pole is the prestressed concrete pole of a new era, developed through an abundance of experience with centrifugal reinforced concrete porducts and the latest technology put together.

It maintains high quality, high safety, a semi-permanent product lifespan with safe design and quality control, and it plays a part in supporting the heart of the Japanese economy as power line poles for Tokyo Electric Power Grid Co., Ltd. and poles for Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation’s communication cables.

Recently, along with the enhancement and development of outdoor sports facilities, it is widely used for the night lighting pole of a stadium, the pole net of a school, the long pole of a golfing range, and it has been appreciated for its economic efficiency, short construction period, inexpensive pricing, savings on post-pole maintenance and management expenses. Furthermore, our company’s consistent responsibility enforcement system from production to design and construction has earned the trust of our users.

PC Pole

PC Pole

Utilizing the features such as safety resulting from high rigidity and semi-permanent product life with superior weather resistance, since its development, it has supported the electric power company’s overhead power distribution line equipment and NTT’s communication line network.

Features of Sekisan PC Poles
  • 1. They are extremely safe because each one is a precast concrete product produced with complete design and quality control.
  • 2. Because they are concrete poles that make full use of our philosophy of safety in design, they are products with high rigidity, they have very little deformation, and they are hard to crack.
  • 3. We guarantee more consistent quality through our proprietary technology and manufacturing methods.
  • 4. We have undertaken strict quality control tests, which are provided to users.
Economic efficiency
  • 1. They are very precise products with excellent weather resistance, so they have semi-permanent life spans. There is almost no cost for maintenance after posting.
  • 2. Using a wide range of materials has enabled economical design.
  • 1. They are products with smooth surfaces formed through centrifugal molding.
  • 2. With unique coloring techonlogy and excellent weather resistance, you can also use color poles to match the surrounding landscape.
  • 3. We respond to requests for economical color poles by applying paint coating with excellent weather resistance.
Range of applications
  • 1. You can choose products that conform to design concepts with a wide range of standard specifications.
Quality control

We ensure and guarantee that our PC poles are of very high quality through various tests.

Material testing
Concrete compression test
Concrete compression test
The concrete used in our poles is the product of the experience we have accumulated and our technology, and we strive day and night for quality management, research, and development.
PC Steel Rod Strength Test
PC Steel Rod Strength Test
Because our PC steel rods are manufactured with induction heat treatment, they have high dimensional accuracy and uniform cross sections. Their weight can be secured, and the performance can fully satisfy.
Product testing
Pole bending test
Pole bending test
We carry out strict quality control such as pole bending performance test and dimensions of fracture cross sections, so all can use them with confidence.
Step Bolt Socket Test
Step Bolt Socket Test
The strength of the (step bolt socket) is an important matter related to the lives of those who work, so we are carrying out stricter quality control.

Thin diameter pole

The small diameter pillar is a slimmed pole aiming for environmental harmony. It is a product that gradually reduces the taper and narrows the original caliber as compared with the usual 1/75 tapered product while maintaining conventional strength.

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