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PRC Pile

They are piles with PC steel bars and deformed bars placed in high-strength concrete.

Products handled
DAM105 pile / TS-DAM105 pile / BF-DAM105 pile / BF-TS-DAM105 pile
Other DAM pile / BF-DAM pile / TS-DAM pile / COPITA form PRC pile / RC pile

Types of PRC Pile

Knotted pile / straight pile / extended node pile (medium diameter of extended head portion) / extended straight pile

  • * Pile length 4 ~ 15 m
  • * In cases of piles 6 meters or less, please consult with us.
  • * Pile diameter: 300 ~ 1,200 mm


Major features

These are PRC piles with PC steel bars and deformed bars placed in ultra high strength concrete with concrete compressive strength of Fc = 105 N / mm2.

Our employment of the high bearing capacity pile construction method is optimized, and a wide range of designs that fully demonstrate the merits of each construction method will be possible.

For the thickness of the pile, we have a lineup consisting of a standard type, a thick type, and a special thick type.

Numbers used for design
1.Material strength
1-1 Concrete
Compressive strength 105.0 N / mm2
Tensile strength 5.5 N / mm2
Bending tensile strength 6.5 N / mm2
Young’s modulus 40,000 N / mm2
1-2 PC Steel Rod
Standards SBPDL1275/1420
Young’s modulus 200,000 N / mm2
1-3 Deformed bar
Standards SD345
Young’s modulus 200,000 N / mm2
1-4 Shear reinforcement
Yield stress 50K:490 N / mm2
Yield stress 80K:785 N / mm2
  • ● Uses ultra high strength concrete (Fc = 105 N / mm2) and supports high bearing capacity
  • ● Allowable compressive stress is greatly improved and beneficial for cost reduction at design time
  • ● Improvement of shear strength using shear reinforcement
2.Allowable unit stress
2-1 Concrete
Allowable unit stress for sustained loading(N / mm2)
Compressive Bending Diagonal
30.0 2.0 1.2
Allowable unit stress for temporary loading(N / mm2)
Compressive Bending Diagonal
60.0 - -
2-2 Deformed bar
Allowable unit stress for temporary loading(N / mm2)
Compressive Tensile
345 345
Allowable compressive stress for sustained loading(N / mm2)
24.0 30.0
Allowable compressive stress for temporary loading(N / mm2)
48.0 60.0
Comparison of flexural strength

The flexural strength of DAM105 standard type and DAM will be as shown on the right figure. (For representation, values for 1000mm A-type D13 form diameters are shown.)
The DAM105 and the DAM have the same reinforcement strength for steel rods, so the yield strength at full tension is the same, but as the axial force increases, the ratio of the burden of concrete increases, so the greater the axial force applied to the pile, the greater the benefits demonstrated by the DAM105 will be.


Major features

CPRC piles are high strength prestressed reinforced concrete (PRC) piles that conform to COPITA specifications, and they are earthquake-resistant piles that incorporate a new shear strength formula.

For spiral rebars as shear strengthening muscle of CPRC pile, it is assumed that high strength reinforcing bars (products certified by the minister conforming to Article 37, item 2 of the Building Standard Law) can be used, and it is possible to design in a way that does not lead to shear fractures by considering structural details.

1. Great flexural strength
Because the reference strength of concrete is 105 N / mm2 and the PC steel material and the special-shaped steel bars are positioned, they have high axial forces and high flexural strengths.
2. Excellent durability
Because of the introduction of prestressing, even if temporary bending cracks occur due to seismic force, cracks close in long-term loading, so they excel in durability.
3. Great deformation performance and shear capacity
Since the spiral rebar that satisfies (ρS ・ σy ≧ 2.45) stipulated in "Road Bridge Specification Form IV" is arranged, it has a large deforming performance and shear strength, and it is a structure that prevents shearing failure easily.
4. Connection between CPRCs is possible
It is possible to connect CPRC piles by using R type fittings.
Size Overview
Outer diameter φ300?1000mm
PC steel material diameter 10.0mm、11.2mm
Deformed bar steel diameter D13?D29 (SD345 material)
Pile length 4?15m
Allowable unit stress values
Standard strength of spiral rebar 345?785 N / mm2
Concrete design standard strength 105 N / mm2
Allowable compressive stress level of concrete Sustained = 30 N / mm2, Temporary = 60 N / mm2
Allowable tensile strength level of deformed steel bar Sustained = 215 N / mm2 (D29 is 195)
Temporary = 345 N / mm2
Allowable unit values for flexural crack width Sustained ≦ 0.1mm, Temporary ≦ 0.3mm
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