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Inner excavation method

In the inner excavation method is a method in which the auger is inserted into the hollow part of the pile and excavates the pile tip ground while the pile is set to a predetermined depth.

Among other things, the Hybrid kneading method, which is a high bearing capacity construction method, has a very high bearing capacity per pile, enables designs with smaller diameter piles than conventional construction methods, and enables designs rich in economical and environmental characteristics such as decreasing waste generation and miniaturizing footing.


This is the latest inner excavation method that upgrades the conventional DANK construction method and improves so that α=425.

It is a high bearing capacity construction method which enables the reliable construction of enlarged foot protection bulbs and allows for stable bearing capacity using a special drilling head and mechanical excavation.

SUPER DANK method (bearing capacity factor α = 425)

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DANK method

The DANK method is an inner excavation method that excavates the pile tip ground while ensuring a prescribed excavation diameter using a mechanical expansion head and allowing for foot protection. It is a newly developed method that aims to be able to build foundation pile structures reliably and efficiently. The characteristic drilling head consists of two excavating arms axially fastened to the main body and swingably on both sides of the main body.

When excavating in the ground, the excavating arm moves due to the resistance of the ground, and the special mechanical head enables two types of excavation using the rod part or the foot protection part of the diameter. With this mechanism, enlarged drilling is possible using the drilling resistance even for a ground with large resistance, so it is enables stable excavation efficiency and stable foot protection.

DANK method(bearing capacity factor α = 250)
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