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We manufacture, sell and design and develop precast concrete products, reinforce housing foundations, and sell civil engineering materials.
We deal with various products such as road products such as L-shaped retaining walls, free-inclined side grooves, box culvert and others, as well as products for revetment such as large product blocks and environmental protection blocks, agricultural products such as large scale flumes and H-form PC piles.

For products and detailed inquiries other than the products listed below, please contact the nearest sales office.
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Detailed information on the products is also listed on the Sekisan PC website. Please have a look.

VS lateral groove

Product features
  • It is a free ramp side groove corresponding to the design load T - 25 with a rigid structure balanced in overall strength.
  • The product is standardized with 10 cm scratches and can be designed economically and properly with the bottom striking concrete.
  • In addition to the longitudinal and crossing type, we also have a soil type.
  • VS lateral groove 01
  • VS lateral groove 02
  • VS lateral groove 03

L type retaining wall [CPWALL]

Product features
  • These are L-shaped revetments standardized according to Road Earthwork - Retaining Wallmover Guide.
  • Size can be prepared every 100 mm from wall height 600 mm to 5000 mm.
  • L type retaining wall 01
  • L type retaining wall 02
  • L type retaining wall 03

Large block holding wall [Choi-nose]

Product features
  • These are large building blocks for rehabilitation that made it possible to improve workability and secure construction safely.
  • Compared with conventional products, it is being standardized to reduce the weight of the block and construct economical, strong revetments.
  • It is standardized up to 2.5 m longest, so it is possible to respond to the Long-Law Dimension.
  • Large block holding wall 01
  • Large block holding wall 02
  • Large block holding wall 03

Box culverts

Product features
  • These are box culverts that are standardized according to Road Earthworks - Calvert Production Guidelines.
  • We will prepare various standards, structural formats and connected type products according to the site conditions.
  • Box culverts 01
  • Box culverts 02
  • Box culverts 03

Large flume

Product features
  • It is a large flume of the agricultural civil engineering association type according to the Land Improvement Project Plan design standard "Hydrographic Manufacturer".
  • There are various sizes from 700 mm to 2000 mm in wall height.
  • Large flume 01
  • Large flume 02
  • Large flume 03

H-form PC pile

Product features
  • Prestressed concrete pile to be used for ground reinforcement works of small buildings.
  • Because it is an existing pile, it is also ideal for sites where adoption is difficult with other construction methods.
  • H-form PC pile 01
  • H-form PC pile 02
  • H-form PC pile 03
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